Saflok 700 is a concealed with an angular interlocking standing seam trapezoidal rib profile roll formed on mobile mills countrywide

Maxcover is an angular trapezoidal profile with box crests and valleys suitable for roofing and wall cladding. It is especially targeted at domestic and light industrial / commercial applications where the goal is economy and aesthetics. Maxcover has 5 troughs and 6 ribs. The valley (trough) is wider than the crest (rib) and stiffened using three 21 mm wide strips. It can be factory cranked into curves of minimum 400 mm radius to enhance its use and aesthetic properties. Maxcover offers the widest cover width in Rwanda.

Covermax sheets are box profile roofing sheet available in a variety of colours. They are suitable for domestic and light   industrial or commercial applications.

Is a unique brand that offers an Aluminium- Zinc coated steel base which is pre-painted in controlled factory conditions. Galsheet Resincot features fade-free warranties and over 16 different colours making it the obvious choice of architects and designers with a bias for class and aesthetics.

Dumuzas is a revolutionary corrugated roofing sheet product made from steel that is coated coated using ZincAL® technology which makes them rust resistant and last longer than ordinary mabaati.